Thank you very much for your entry for the 13th Kintaikyo Bridge Road Race.
Please come to the main venue of the event in Iwakuni Yokoyama by 8:30 a.m. on March 3 (the day of the race).
We will accept the entry at the reception desk in a yellow-and-white striped tent and give you bib number,the CHip,a prize for participation and so on.
Please note that the person who does’nt wear the Chip and a bib number is not able to run the race.
Wear a bib number on the chest and back.
You can receive a drink and a local cuisine of hospitality by showing us your bib number.
We attach a lottery ticket to the lower part of it.
Please cut along the dotted line to clip and put it in a lottery box,and you will win a present in a lottery, however only those who participate in a closing ceremony.
Please fasten the Chip to your shoelace tightly and return it to the staff near the finish line.
We will give you a certificate of your record in the certificate tent after you finish running.
Please show your bib number at that time.

Then, we look forward to seeing you on the day.

Kintaikyo Bridge Road Race Event Office